PoD delivers effective risk management solutions to help protect you, your business, reputation and your clients.


How are you dealing with the increasing demands of governance in financial services?

Financial compliance within all areas of the financial services industry is vital. However, the regulatory regime is complex, it can have a powerful restricting influence on the conduct of your business and, worse, the rules themselves are always changing. Operating within the rules of compliance can be stressful, time consuming and COSTLY. Failure is likely to have serious reputational and financial implications.

How are you protecting your business and your interests?

You could employ your own permanent specialist – and bear all the accompanying, on-going overhead costs. You could engage a consultancy company – but the chances are their knowledge will only cover certain areas and be weak in others. These gaps on what they offer could become crucial.

Or you could engage a specialist, a PoD, an expert with the specific skills to focus on your problems and to meet your very individual needs. And you want to call on this in-depth expertise, just when you want it, whenever the occasion arises.

This is where Professionals on Demand (PoD) can help you.

PoD gives you cost effective access when needed to experts in all areas of governance – legal, risk, compliance, finance, technology and operations.

PoD offers

  • Cost effective compliant enterprise risk management.
  • Proven expertise and in depth knowledge of your industry.
  • Flexibility to call on the appropriate skills whenever required – ie a cost effective service.
  • Solutions geared to your individual needs.

Approach us and our skilfully selected team of independent consultants will guide your business through the shifting regulatory landscape.

For independent advice or to discuss some concerns contact us now.

What we do

Professionals on Demand (PoD) is a consultancy established to assist financial services organisations meet the challenging demands of change in the increasingly strict governance and regulation of financial services. 

Our goal is to ensure you, your business, your reputation and your clients are reassuringly protected through an effective enterprise risk management regime. 

We recognise many organisations simply cannot afford to hold these experts in regulatory risk management on tap. It is a very narrow skill set, there are cost pressures, there are restrictions on headcount and top permanent experts are liable to be poached. Furthermore, the traditional big consultancies often fail to give your organisation the precise expertise or value it needs. At the same time your organisation may be overburdened by the need to respond to regulatory change, cultural change and the way in which business is conducted. PoD provides your solution.

PoD has drawn together a pool of proven subject matter experts of trusted, experienced, carefully vetted industry professionals across all areas of governance – be it legal, risk, compliance, finance, technology, operations et al. Our experts (PoDs) are made available to you to meet your needs; first to identify your specific problems and governance requirements and, importantly, then to put in place the individual governance solutions. 

To this end, PoD offers a unique blend of consultancy advisory and targeted governance expertise.

What is a PoD?

A PoD is a selected, trusted, experienced and vetted governance professional; a high calibre person with significant and proven industry experience.

Based on 25 years of experience in the recruitment sector, we have assembled a group of top quality motivated industry experts, with a variety of core areas of expertise who want to work differently, to be valued and recognized differently. They do not want to be part of big corporate consultancies, but they do want to use their skills and to deliver high quality solutions. They are passionate about what they do and about serving the industry in which they have spent the bulk of their careers and developed their expertise.

These are the sort of professionals we can make available to you. Furthermore, we can even do this globally.

Why appoint a PoD ?

Appointing a PoD will offer you both expertise and better value. A subject matter expert, when you need one.

When you are unable to wholly define your needs but appreciate that you need a solution, PoD can offer valuable advice. This may be as a sounding board, an informal chat, or a more formalised meeting. Whatever the issues of concern, we can help identify the problem areas, provide the expert advice and put in place a suitable governance regime to meet your requirements.

A PoD is more than just an individual to plug a gap. In a time of crisis or change a PoD can help you sail through to calmer waters.

Contact us with your brief and within four days we will supply you with a short list of industry experts who have passed our stringent selection criteria or have put in place an advisory plan. That’s governance experts in your sector of the financial services industry with the ability to provide your specific resourcing solution anywhere globally.

PoDs in Financial Services

Pod in Financial Services

PoD Core Areas of Expertise

PoD allows a client to access talented governance professionals with differing core areas of expertise.

PoD Core Areas

Becoming a PoD

We are always interested in engaging with experienced regulatory risk professionals. Are you interested in joining our growing team of high calibre experts?

What sort of person are we looking for?

You’re restless where you are. You’re fed up and disillusioned with the politics, the bureaucracy and the reward structure of traditional permanent employment. However, you are somebody who is not afraid to get out there. Someone who wants to keep moving forward. Someone who wants to benefit from flexibility, variety and control in their working life.

Or you may be nearing the end of a current governance interim position and starting to think about your next career move.

You’ll be a subject matter expert at the top of the skills range in any regulatory risk area such as:

AML, FCR, Sanctions, ABC,  Cyber, Technology Risk, Compliance , Conduct Risk, Operational Risk , Finance and Audit , Legal , Regulatory Change and Development.

You’ll have a proven delivery track record and be up-to-date with latest industry practices?

If all this sounds like you, then get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Meet the Managing Director

Charles Hutchins

Click on photo to download Charles’ business card

Charles moved to PoD during the summer of 2016 recognising the opportunity brought about by the ever changing financial services landscape, the governance challenges and the subsequent consulting needs of the industry. He observed growing descent within financial services about the lack of job security, increasing deferred compensation and personal liability in the wake of the senior management regime thus providing a unique time to build a consulting business.

Before PoD, Charles operated for over 18 years’ in senior finance recruitment within the financial services industry. He led the Financial Officer practice at Hutton having worked at Korn Ferry Whitehead Mann where his primary focus was on the appointment of Chief Financial Officers and other Finance based roles globally. He has worked across multiple sectors including Banking (Investment, Retail & Corporate), Insurance, Asset Management & Hedge Funds, Private Equity and other service sectors such as Clearing and Exchanges. Prior to this he led the Chief Financial & Operating Officer Search Practice at Alexander Mann having spent his early career at a global recruitment firm. Charles has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Newcastle University.

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